UV light - Detection & Protection

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Fun with UV beadsuvbeads
These beads change color when exposed to ultraviolet (UV) light!  Greater intensity of UV light produces a darker color.  The color change is reversible.  When they are taken away from the UV light, they turn back to white. The Activities listed here are suggestions.  Be creative and think of new places where the beads may or may not be protected from UV light.



Video Demonstration




Materials – Fun with UV beads
UV beads (http://www.teachersource.com/ catalog # UV750)
UV light or sunshine
LED or incandescent flashlight
plastic bags
string for making bracelets



1)  Take a bead outside in the sun or place under a UV light.  Did the beads change color?

2)  Hold the bead up to an incandescent light.  Did the beads change color?

3)  Repeat activity #1 but shade the bead with your sunglasses. Did the beads change color?

4)  Put the bead inside a plastic bag coated with sunscreen.
Did the beads change color?

5)  Use the string provided to make a bracelet.  You can wear your beads when out for the day.  The darker the color, the higher the UV index of exposure.